Established in WA in 1999, STAR Injury Management is a national agency.

We specialise in workplace injury management and rehabilitation in WA (including the Southwest), NSW and the ACT. We’re accredited with WorkCover WA, SIRA in NSW, Worksafe in the ACT, and have strong knowledge of relevant legislation including the Seafarers Act and Comcare.

That’s the official bit. What we really care about is you.

Our mission is to empower workers by inspiring the confidence they need to return to work as quickly as possible. And we believe the key to making this happen is people – brilliant, smart, mature, experienced people who understand what it takes to overcome even the most complex physical and psychological injury hurdles.

Our people, our stars

At STAR, we’ve built our entire business around people and personalities. We seek out only the most professional, compassionate workplace rehabilitation consultants with experience in a diverse range of areas, from psychological services, to disability, aged care, spinal cord and musculoskeletal injuries. We’re communicators. We’re negotiators. We’re passionate about helping people.

It has taken time, but the result has been well worth it. STAR now proudly offers a vast team of the very best consultants, boasting 13 years of experience on average – unrivalled in the industry.

Our focus

We don’t shy away from our success. Truth is, our hybrid model gets results. You get the capacity of a large company, with the personal touch of a boutique business. That means we’re set up to take on and deliver the best outcomes for referrals of any complexity. Let us get to work, getting you back to work.

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