Successful case management is a careful balancing act.

While we’re here to get the best return to work outcome for you, truth is, we need to keep a lot of people informed and involved – your employer, the medical practitioner, the workers’ compensation insurer – the list goes on.

This is where STAR’s expert case managers really shine.

Each has been handpicked for their exceptional communication and negotiation skills, allowing us to build great relationships with all key parties. Thanks to our extremely low turnover, many stakeholders involved in your case already know and trust in our abilities, from proactively identifying and addressing early RTW barriers, to keeping all parties up to date and helping you progress to the end point of your return to work process.

Desired outcome

Through STAR’s multi-disciplined, coordinated approach, we’ll deliver the right service at the right time, to achieve a return to meaningful employment in a timely, safe and cost effective manner.