At STAR Injury Management, our results speak for themselves – literally.

So strong is our belief in the abilities of our consultants that we encourage our clients to provide honest and open feedback of our people, our service, our success – everything.

It’s people powered performance. No wonder we’re seen as the first-rate recovery experts, whatever your case complexity.

Here’s what our clients have to say about STAR.

“I found the staff extremely helpful. For each of my queries, calls, or emails, I found the staff very nice, helful and willing to assist me. As a person who had no experience with work injury, I can tell that I got all the answers I needed and on time, thanks to your great staff.”
 J Sanchez – July 2018

“I was treated with the utmost respect due to the nature ofthe injury and my situation. My Case Manager was awesome and I had a good connection with her. The empathy displayed was second to none. I cannot thank you enough for the good service that was delivered to myself.”
R Mazoue – July 2018

“Very helpful & professional. Sincere and very knowledgeable.”
D Perry – July 2018

“Naomi’s knowledge was excellent and her manner was a comfort during a difficult process. Naomi was a most helpful addition to my worker’s comp process.”
W Parkinson – April 2018

“Michael has a very good understanding of me, my work ethics and personality. He was extremely aware of my goals and helped me to acheive them. Could not have done it without his support.”
J Hardwick – March 2018

“Kelwyn was professional and knowledgable, with a work ethic second to none. Always timely and responsive with communicating feedback and returning emails and calls. Having Kelwyn as my Injury Management Consultant has supported me through some tough times. I can’t thank him enough for his help, compassion and kindness.”
R Southhall – March 2018

“Mr Yeo made himself available at all times, supported me in every respect and took genuine interest with my rehabilitation.”
 P Dawson – March 2018

“My return to work program was handled professionally and efficiently by my case manager. A good workplace rehabilitation services provider.”
 P De Guzman – February 2018

“Michael Murabito always showed a caring nature and a professional attitude. He was always easy to discuss matters with and any questions I had were answered fully. The staff I dealt with at the office were also very capable and well mannered. They also exhibited a professional and caring manner and were very efficient. Thank you to everyone from Star for all the assistance I have received. It made the ‘journey’ to return to work fantastic.”
S Smith – January 2018

“My consultant was very compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable, efficient in delivering my rehab care. I can’t thank Kelwyn enough for helping me through this difficult and frustrating process. He is a fantastic person, helpful, compassionate, knowledgeable, kind. Without his support I would have been lost!”
M Mirmohammadi – March 2017

“Explanation of processes and steps to take to achieve a successful result was always clear and structured. Very impressed, had my doubts in the beginning but was a believer after a couple of visits. Follow up and documentation was always immediate and reminder notifications are a great help. Great work Chris Mather and STAR Injury Management Team”.
T Stephens- March 2017

“Having never experienced the workers compensation process before, Darren was readily available to offer advice to guide me through to recovery. Darren was extremely prompt in returning phone calls or emails. I found Darren’s approach extremely professional but also with the feeling that he was on my side and friendly at all times”.
N Hunt – November 2016

“All my consultants were amazing. I was totally at a loss as to what was expected of me to start with and I was quickly reassured and explained the reasoning with everything every step of the way. I felt I had a friend walking with me on this journey”.
E White – October 2016

“The whole workers comp process is a little daunting and sometimes confusing. Having access to a service that bridges the gap between all parties involved was invaluable”.
L Santos – July 2016

“I found the service very beneficial because I wouldn’t know where to begin with a retraining process. Having someone there to help guide you with the host companies, resumes, courses and many other helpful hints put my mind at ease in a stressful time of transition when you don’t know what’s going to happen next after an injury”.
C Casini – January 2016